Helicopter Training Network Launches in Europe

Ten European flight schools have joined forces to launch Europe’s first network of independent helicopter academies. The founding members of the Leading Helicopter Academies of Europe (LHA) are European Helicopter Center (Norway), Heli Austria Flight Academy, Helibravo (Portugal), HeliCentre (Netherlands), Heli-flight (Germany), Helicopter Groundschool (Belgium), LION Helicopters (Czech Republic), Mountainflyers (Switzerland), Pole-Air (France) and Superior Air (Greece).

LHA’s combined resources include a fleet of 150 helicopters, 80 flight instructors and 22 bases across Europe providing over 16,000 hours of training per year. More than 3,000 helicopter pilots have already been trained by LHA members, who provide training in all types of terrain and weather conditions, for various qualifications, roles and missions. All LHA members are EASA Approved Training Organizations (ATOs) or recognized providers of advanced and specialized training services.

“By working together, we can now offer comprehensive training in all aspects of helicopter flight. Above all, it is our students and our customers who benefit, thanks to our shared experience, our exchanges and our safety practices,” said Anette Haldorsen, spokesperson for the LHA and CEO of the European Helicopter Center in Norway.