Who Is Chris Stirewalt? – The New York Times

When Chris Stirewalt saw rioters attack the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, he was a reporter for Fox News, which was trying to recover from a slump in ratings in the weeks after President Donald J. Trump lost his re-election campaign. .

Two months later, Mr Stirewalt was fired by Fox, where he was a regular on the air as a political editor.

The network gave no public reason for his dismissal. But Mr. Stirewalt, who before his ouster was one of the few remaining reporters at Fox News, was part of the team that decided to call Arizona for Joseph R. Biden Jr. shortly before midnight on Election Day. in 2020, effectively declaring the race several days before the results are settled.

On Monday, he explained how he and members of Fox News’ decision desk relied on hard data to make the call, which deeply angered Mr. Trump and blunted his ability to falsely claim he had won.

In the days after the election, Mr. Stirewalt was one of several Fox personalities who took to the air to defend the call as Mr. Trump attacked the network, and his supporters voted with their remotes, moving on to Fox rivals like Newsmax and the One America News Network.

Mr Stirewalt described the decision as the result of a careful and rigorous internal process. “We pay attention to calls,” he said the day after the election. “That’s why we have these protocols in place – for us to make good calls and for them to stand up.”

Since his ousting, Mr Stirewalt has become a vocal critic of his former employer and what he described as a news bubble that does a disservice to Trump supporters. He called a “lie” the notion that the fraud cost Mr Trump the election and said the former president’s initial success was partly the result of the “informational malnutrition” of his supporters.

In a opinion piece for the Los Angeles Times which he wrote shortly after leaving Fox, Mr Stirewalt said he hoped the truth would prevail. But he acknowledged that after watching what happened on January 6, he had doubts whether it “would come quickly enough when outlets have the wherewithal to cater to all the unhealthy cravings of their consumers. “.